Who is Nicole Aniston?

Nicole Aniston has had a long history as a pornstar. Born in Temecula, California, she is of Greek and German heritage. Her blond hair and Greek blood have contributed to her thirst for big scenes and accolades. Her ecstasy and charm have won her a loyal following all over the world. Nicole Aniston fan base is so large, that her official Twitter account has been hailed as one of the best in the world.

Nicole Aniston started her career as an adult actress and co-ed model before becoming a porn star. She was initially very shy about her sexuality and disliked the name “porn star.” However, she soon turned her passion for the industry into a business, and has remained subdued in her personal life. Today, Nicole Aniston is an enviable porn idol who has made a name for herself in the industry.

While she was trying to be a good girl, Aniston was doing well as an adult actress. She was working at a bank as a customer service representative, but decided to pursue her dream of appearing in erotica productions. In 2010, she landed her first parts in an erotica production, and in 2012, she signed with Bang Bros and Penthouse for the Bang Bus series. In August 2012, she was named Pet of the Month and Pet of the Year.

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